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Brighton & Hove Open Door 2011

We are very excited about Brighton & Hove Open Door 2011, which will be happening around town from September 8th to the 11th.
This will be our third staging of MyHouseMyStreet. In the past we have focused exclusively on the North Laine area. However, we are branching out this year to include several streets in the St James's Street area and in Brunswick Town. 

For a Google Map of all of this year's MyHouseMyStreet locations, click here.

Kensington Place Demographics, circa 1900

We now have all of the census information for Kensington Place loaded into MyHouseMyStreet. This is the first street for which we have completed the uploading of data and, to celebrate, we thought we would do some demographic analysis to help put together what Kensington Place was like at the turn of the 20th century.

Collecting Directory Information

Today a group of four volunteers from the Town House have gone down to the Brighton Local History Centre to identify and photograph the street directory pages for Pelham Square and Kensington Place.

Census Documents and Street Directories

There are two sources of information that we have chosen to utilize in the MHMS project: Street & Trade Directories and Census Documents. Below we provide a little information about each.

Graphic showing part of an 1841 Census Document

Researching the North Laine

Our heritage events are all about a ‘sense of place’. Therefore, the first step in staging an event is to identify those places that are of general interest and then collect the information needed to tell a compelling story of the street's history.

Image showing the header graphic used on the North Laine Community Association website

The Foundry Street Event was located in Brighton’s historic North Laine area, an industrial zone for Georgian/Victorian Brighton. We have agreed with Peter Crowhurst, the Chair of the North Laine Community Association that, for 2009, we will maintain our focus on North Laine streets, as we develop our early MHMS work.
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