No 10% discount for us!

Tomorrow morning we will tag a few more pages and then, joyfully, arrive at the 90% complete point. There's no prospect of Santa finishing off the remaining 10% of files on our behalf but we really can see the end now and, short of all being smitten with flu, we are very confident of finishing all the directory tagging by Christmas.

Wonder how many local residents will use the holiday period to discover who has previously occupied their home? A few of us here will be beavering away doing exactly that, for sure!

Another large project looms

A year of intense voluntary effort is coming to an end with the Street Directory tagging project nearing completion. More about this in upcoming blogs.

Next, we plan to tag the Census records for the city, well over 100,000 sheets worth! We have had fantastic support processing the Directories, with people from all walks of life offering their services as volunteers. Do let us know if you would like to get involved with the Census initiative, we'd love to have you join us!

And 9 days on!

Some new volunteers have joined us since we arrived at the mid-way point in our tagging marathon. Amongst the new recruits is Alex - who is giving us six whole weeks of input effort.

Yesterday afternoon, as we were getting ready to depart the office, Alex announced, "Look, we have arrived at 20,006 graphics left to tag". He then set about tagging a further 7 files before leaving, to put us at less than 20,000 to go.

This means we have now passed the 3/5ths or 60% point. A great achievement and one that incentivises all of us as we leave the office this Friday.

Photo of volunteer Alex as he works tagging Directory graphics

Photo of Alex tagging graphics

The 50% day has arrived!

It's Tuesday, 16 October, 2012, and we have finally arrived at the half-way point with our Directory tagging project. After a very serious push over the last week, and with a dedicated group of Italians assisting us, we have passed the point where 24,813 graphics are tagged (that's 49, 626 pages processed, as the graphics represent double page spreads).

From now on, when looking at the 'Filter by' option that shows 'Tagged', 'Untagged' and 'Incomplete' files, the number of files remaining to be tagged will be less than those tagged and, psychologically, we will all feel far more inspired to continue with the job!

A big thank you to Emma, Julia, Jordan, the girls from Naples, and the many others who have worn their fingers to the bone recently.

And just think, as of 16.20 today, there's only another 23,744 files to go!

Snapshot of the Napoli crew!


Over the last few months we have had a large number of volunteers working with us on the tagging project. Some people come for a month or more and work a five-day week; so we get very used to seeing them around the office and there's always a sense of loss when they depart. This week, another three are off, having spent their allocated time helping the project along and, as always, we are saying our appreciative goodbyes. Luc, Angelica and Francesco, many thanks for all the hard work and good luck with your careers in the future. We hope that, sometime, you can get back and assist us again!
Next week, another group of enthusiasts arrive to move the project along and we get the chance to meet more new faces, talk about new interests and make attachments all over again - what an interesting project from so many angles!

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