Chairmen and Chairwomen

When the hand-written census records were transcribed, by MHMS volunteers or (outsoucers), some interesting and amusing discoveries were made. One of these is the large number of chairmen and chairwomen that were around in the Georgian and Regency times.

In those times, domestic servants were common (that is to say, not rare), and “charwoman” was a frequent entry. In some cases, this has been misread by transcribers as “chairwoman”.

I’m going on a house tour….

As a relatively new member to the team of volunteers at the Regency Town House, I had the opportunity to take a tour of 13 Brunswick Square, the home of the MyHouseMyStreet project, last month, with curator Nick Tyson. The tour, lasting roughly ninety minutes, is a fantastic opportunity to gain a real insight into the development of Regency architecture and how the process of restoring a house, such as number 13 takes place.

Welcome to our new MHMS website blog

The blog component of the new MHMS website is available to users from tomorrow. I wonder what will be the first thing to be added?

It's been fun for us all to write material for the old blog. Hope the new one will see even more contributions.

Meridian Tonight (ITV1) to cover MHMS

Meridian Tonight (ITV1) has made contact, with a view to producing TV news programmes about the upcoming 2011 census and linking these to the MHMS project.

What a fantastic way to spread the work about the work we are doing.

We will put details of the broadcasts up on the new site as soon as it launches.

Launch date approaches

What a long time since I’ve written anything for the blog. We seem to have been trapped in a series of one-step-forward, one-step-back, issues.

For example, over the past few months, we have been discussing, with staff from Brighton History Centre, the possibility of incorporating their newly digitized Street Directory files within the MHMS website.

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