Researching the North Laine

Our heritage events are all about a ‘sense of place’. Therefore, the first step in staging an event is to identify those places that are of general interest and then collect the information needed to tell a compelling story of the street's history.

Image showing the header graphic used on the North Laine Community Association website

The Foundry Street Event was located in Brighton’s historic North Laine area, an industrial zone for Georgian/Victorian Brighton. We have agreed with Peter Crowhurst, the Chair of the North Laine Community Association that, for 2009, we will maintain our focus on North Laine streets, as we develop our early MHMS work.

The Synergies Between MyHouseMyStreet and Heritage Open Days

As with so many things in life, MyHouseMyStreet (MHMS) is part of a larger whole. MHMS sits within Brighton & Hove Open Door (BHOD), which is itself a part of the UK’s national celebration known as Heritage Open Days (HODs). This event is, in turn, a part of the continent-wide European Heritage Days (EHDs).

Graphic showing the relationship between MyHouseMyStreet, Brighton & Hove Open Door, Heritage Open Days and the European Heritage Days

Introducing MyHouseMyStreet

The Foundry Street Event (TFSE), staged during Brighton & Hove Open Door 2008 (BHOD 08), introduced visitors to the history of Foundry Street and those who lived there between the 1820s and the 1970s, by displaying posters listing the street’s residents and the jobs they did. The event was very well received and numerous requests were made for similar events to be staged in other streets during subsequent BHODs.

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