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MHMS goes to Helsinki

In June, Erica Calogero, a long-term Town House collaborator working at Brighton University, will be presenting a paper about MHMS at CIDOC2012. Running with the strap line, 'Enriching Cultural Heritage' CIDOC's Helsinki conference runs 10-14 June. For further information, see:

Note - CIDOC is a constituent committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and is ICOM's International Committee for Documentation, providing the museum community with advice on good practice and developments in museum documentation.

Refining 2012 plans

This year, in addition to our already established plans, we will run a series of MHMS exhibitions in the autumn where we will be providing the occupancy data to a small number of the properties in a street. Our plan is to whet people's appetites with this material and invite residents to assist us complete the data gathering work that provides listings for every house. Let us know if you would like your street to feature! 

Plans for 2012 developing

We are getting along now with developing our 2012 MHMS offer. Plans are still not entirely finalised but we do now know that we will be researching several new streets, including North Place, Gardner Street and Gloucester Street. Watch this space in a couple of months time for an update on our plans, we hope to have a definitive itinerary in place by early-June.

Occupancy data now provided

The first of our occupancy data is now available for searching. We have uploaded information from the census for ten streets. Next we will add data from the directories for the same ten streets and, in time, both census and directory data for additional streets.

To see this information, go to Occupancy data.

Thanks Amy, for all your hard work tweaking the IT system :-)

ISBN numbered histories ready

We have now completed the remaking of the histories with ISBN numbers and we will be uploading these to the website over the Christmas holidays. In due course, another print run will see local people in our 2010/11 targeted streets circulated with free copies of the histories.

The content of the histories will also be made available as html on the MHMS website but those looking at the information on the live pages will not experience the very fine page layouts put together for us by Cyrill Studer our designer. Many thanks Cyrill.

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