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MHMS and BHOD 10

Another amazing BHOD programme. A huge thanks once again to all those who have worked so very hard to stage the event. Somehow, even with all our other projects going on we have still managed to increase the number of BHOD activities on offer and the attendance figures. Incredible!

The weather rather interrupted our plans for BHOD exhibitions this year and much of the work we had prepared was hurriedly erected in the Dome due to the rain but, still, lots of enthusiastic people found us and offered assistance with future project development.

Thank you HLF

A supper fast turn around for our MHMS bid and success! It’s great to have secured the funds to put our plans into operation and wonderful to have done so just in time for this year’s BHOD event. A fantastic achievement by everyone involved, congratulations to you all.

Our HLF Your Heritage application is done

Our HLF bid has been completed and submitted. The application process takes a few months. As autumn approaches, we should know if we have been successful.

Moving along plans for a new MHMS website

People in the MHMS group are currently involved with many diverse tasks but, finally, we have had the chance to meet and discuss the challenges associated with developing a more competent MHMS website.

What a lot there is to consider!  It's a good job we have such a great bunch of knowledgeable people associated with the project .

We have agreed to follow a formal planning strategy, developing a requirements analysis and specification, etc.

Feels like we are really moving things along now.

MHMS funding search

It seems we are all agreed that our best strategy to develop the project would be to secure a Heritage Lottery Fund grant. There are 8 or 9 different HLF grant schemes overall but only a couple are of possible use to us, these are:

Heritage Grants (grants above £50,000) and Your Heritage Grants (grants between £3000 and £50,000)

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