The 50% day has arrived!

It's Tuesday, 16 October, 2012, and we have finally arrived at the half-way point with our Directory tagging project. After a very serious push over the last week, and with a dedicated group of Italians assisting us, we have passed the point where 24,813 graphics are tagged (that's 49, 626 pages processed, as the graphics represent double page spreads).

From now on, when looking at the 'Filter by' option that shows 'Tagged', 'Untagged' and 'Incomplete' files, the number of files remaining to be tagged will be less than those tagged and, psychologically, we will all feel far more inspired to continue with the job!

A big thank you to Emma, Julia, Jordan, the girls from Naples, and the many others who have worn their fingers to the bone recently.

And just think, as of 16.20 today, there's only another 23,744 files to go!

Snapshot of the Napoli crew!