Brighton Festival 2011

We are staging and presenting a lot of events during this year's Brighton Festival. We hope you will drop by and partake of as many as possible. Each event will offer the opportunity to pick up material about the MyHouseMyStreet project. Or, you might consider coming along to one of our 'local architecture' talks and hearing about the project in person.

You may have noticed in the press recently that we have been able to secure a rare C A Busby architectural drawing. You can take a look at this during our 'local architecture' talks and get a real feel for the type of document that MyHouseMyStreet is always keen to reveal.

Our selected MyHouseMyStreet locations for 2011 might not have been architect designed, in the main, but its still possible to find architectural drawings of the houses in them from the distant past, as mid-to-late-19th C architects and surveyors often produced drawings when commissioned to alter the original houses.

ESRO in Lewes is the place to look for such documents, or of course, in your property file, where drawings might sit alongside house deeds. If both places turn up nothing, there's always the loft to explore!