Electoral Registers

Raw text data for electoral registers between 1856 and 1931 can be downloaded from the list of links below.

1856.txt (545KB .txt file)
1857.txt (583KB .txt file)
1858.txt (662KB .txt file)
1859.txt (696KB .txt file)

1860.txt (764KB .txt file)
1861.txt (783KB .txt file)
1862.txt (786KB .txt file)
1863.txt (770KB .txt file)
1864.txt (930KB .txt file)

1865.txt (893KB .txt file)
1866.txt (896KB .txt file)
1867 not available
1868.txt (863KB .txt file)
1869 not available

1870.txt (2.6MB .txt file)
1871.txt (1.4MB .txt file)
1872.txt (1.5MB .txt file)
1873 not available

1875.txt (1.5MB .txt file)
1876.txt (1.6MB .txt file)
1877.txt (1.8MB .txt file)
1879.txt (1.8MB .txt file)

1880.txt (2.1MB .txt file)
1881.txt (2.1MB .txt file)
1882.txt (2.3MB .txt file)
1883.txt (2.4MB .txt file)

1919_pt1.txt (7MB .txt file)
1919_pt2.txt (6MB .rtf file)

1926_pt1.txt (5.3MB .txt file)
1926_pt2.rtf (5.4MB .txt file)
1927.txt (5.5MB .txt file)
1928.txt (5.5MB .txt file)
1929.txt (7.9MB .txt file)

1930.txt (7.8MB .txt file)
1931.txt (6.9MB .txt file)