Printing MHMS posters, at last

After nearly a year of collecting and processing directory and census data, we are arriving a the point where we are now ready to produce occupancy posters for our street exhibitions in September. Over the next couple of weeks we will make some 600 such posters, each listing the past occupants on an individual house in the city.
Posters are interesing for a variety of reasons, some for example, stand out for the sheer numbers of people they reveal to have onced lived in a partiular property, others for the strange professions residents were following.
Whatever the information revealed, the main attraction for the residents we've worked with is, of course, that they get to discover who lived in their house before them and we have had a great response from people preparing to display the posters. Now, we hope for good weather and a large number of people turning out to see them in situ.