Shirley remembers Phyllis

I wanted to say a few words about Phyllis who, I know, will be greatly missed at The Regency Town House.
In fact, I became acquainted with Phyllis before I joined the RTH.  I did a course as a mature student at City College where she worked in the library and I was always pleased to see her there as I knew I could ask for her assistance without embarrassment.  She was always patient with my queries and helped develop my confidence with I.T. and research work. By the end of the course, the library was one of my favourite places to be!
Later, when I became a volunteer at The Townhouse, it was again Phyllis who was happy to help with so many of my research enquiries. I’m really grateful to her for the knowledge and  insights she shared.  I have an especially lovely memory of a day at ESRO together, sitting on a bench during our lunch hour, looking over a spectacular, sunny view of Lewes.  She spoke so enthusiastically about her own family and street research and I’m sure this memory will spur me on with my own.
We became closer still as we wrote up the research on our streets in the North Laine.  Again, it was Phyllis I turned to for help with my Bibliography and References.  And we developed an almost sleuth-like curiosity over the mysterious North Hall building.  We knew our research on this was not conclusive and in my last e-mail to her I said I knew that this was an investigation ‘to be continued’.  It’s such a pity we can’t continue it together.
Obituary for Phyllis