Sometime yesterday afternoon

While I sat in a meeting yesterday afternoon, on 28 September, briefing a number of MHMS volunteers about upcoming work that would need to be completed in the autumn, other members of our team were busy tagging street directory graphics. Unnoticed by all, this group passed the significant point of 16,542 graphics tagged, that's a third of all the images currently in the street directory database. Three months ago, the target seemed so huge as to be almost unattainable. Now we are thinking about 24,813, the point where we have half the images tagged and it's downhill all the way from there!

With a third of the resources tagged, you get a good result when searching for an individual street in the City, only a third of those you will eventually get, of course, but a meaningful number of volumes. Why not give it a try and look for records about the street you live in?