The Synergies Between MyHouseMyStreet and Heritage Open Days

As with so many things in life, MyHouseMyStreet (MHMS) is part of a larger whole. MHMS sits within Brighton & Hove Open Door (BHOD), which is itself a part of the UK’s national celebration known as Heritage Open Days (HODs). This event is, in turn, a part of the continent-wide European Heritage Days (EHDs).

Graphic showing the relationship between MyHouseMyStreet, Brighton & Hove Open Door, Heritage Open Days and the European Heritage Days

This is certainly a lot of acronyms but the key point to remember is that all of these events aim to provide a once-a-year chance to discover hidden architectural treasures and enjoy a wide range of tours, events and activities which bring to life local history and culture.

In keeping with the Heritage Open Days ethos, all Brighton & Hove Open Days events are offered free of charge and the range of activities staged is designed to provide a program for everyone, whatever their background, age and ability.

The MyHouseMyStreet project is perhaps unique to the Heritage Open Days initiative in being an individual event that has spawned its own companion website. We feel that the MHMS project adds an overall completeness to the HODs experience, raising the profile of the nation’s smaller historic properties and offering a unique online resource to facilitate their interpretation.