Search function not working

This site is owned and operated by The Regency Town House.


The Apache Solr search function used to find street directories is not working because the website is old and can no longer be updated.


All the content from both this site and The Regency Town House 

website is being migrated onto a new platform. In the meantime, the new site can be found here: 


If you click on the Population Data search link you may be able to find what you want. I should add, that the images of the street directory pages are not there yet. That is in process.




Our websites are shortly to be moved from the current host to a new one. With that will come new security certificates and also an opportunity to update the version of PHP and other parts of the operating environment. 


This may temporarily fix the problem with the MHMS search function. In the longer term, migrating the content will definitely solve the problem.


All of this is done with no funding, grants, commercial support or sponsorship, so it may take a while.


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