Opps, sorry MHMS users

We are still running our original MHMS development website at the moment and not the new site. Still, even with the old website running, we like to offer users reliability. Unfortunately, having changed various settings on our servers, during the process of making improvements and upgrades, the MHMS site has been suffering from javascript errors. Ironing these out and getting the new site’s first pages up and running are a top priority. Normal service should resume soon.

Out to East Sussex Record Office (ESRO)

A few of us going out to ESRO today to look for information about local properties and streets. The palce is a goldmine of information and well worth a visit. Find it at:
East Sussex Record Office
The Maltings
Castle Precincts
East Sussex BN7 1YT
Online, there's a presence at:
ESRO doesn't hold all of its materials on site in Lewes and you often have to 'order up' some records from storage, which takes a few days. It's generally a good idea to Search the Access to Archives website to see what's held at ESRO and to determine what you want to see (NOTE: A to A does not list all holdings but most are there) and then contact the team in the Record Office to determine what needs ordering prior to a visit.

MHMS plans are evolving

Our HLF-funded MHMS project is properly underway, hurrah. Our highly skilled crew are all contributing to the early-development phase and it’s clear that we can potentially achieve even more than we have so far planned for. We are working on a full set of up-to-the-minute wireframes, to assist us with refining our ideas for the website’s functionality and development. Wonderful to be making progress.

MHMS and BHOD 10

Another amazing BHOD programme. A huge thanks once again to all those who have worked so very hard to stage the event. Somehow, even with all our other projects going on we have still managed to increase the number of BHOD activities on offer and the attendance figures. Incredible!

The weather rather interrupted our plans for BHOD exhibitions this year and much of the work we had prepared was hurriedly erected in the Dome due to the rain but, still, lots of enthusiastic people found us and offered assistance with future project development.

Thank you HLF

A supper fast turn around for our MHMS bid and success! It’s great to have secured the funds to put our plans into operation and wonderful to have done so just in time for this year’s BHOD event. A fantastic achievement by everyone involved, congratulations to you all.

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