Outcome - Brighton & Hove Open Door 2009

Brighton & Hove Open Door 2009 has been a great success. More events and more participants than ever before and a hugely positive response. Griff Rhys Jones, the Heritage Open Days team and the English Heritage representatives did us proud and lots of enthusiastic people found us and offered assistance for future initiatives.

Thanks to all involved for your commitment to the event. The level of work required to present such a mammoth programme is almost beyond belief and to have succeeded with no significant financial backing and such meagre physical resources is a real triumph.

We hope to gain your support again for BHOD 2010, but for now, take a deep breath and relax!

Launch Party HODs 2009

As Heritage Open Days 2009 draws ever closer the invitations to this year’s launch have been produced and circulated. We are looking forward to the event and pleased that the ‘open door’ used on the front of the invitation is one of our very own – the door to No. 10 Brunswick  Square where The Regency Town House’s downstairs annex is located.

Graphic showing invitation to launch event for HODs 2009

Kensington Place Demographics, circa 1900

We now have all of the census information for Kensington Place loaded into MyHouseMyStreet. This is the first street for which we have completed the uploading of data and, to celebrate, we thought we would do some demographic analysis to help put together what Kensington Place was like at the turn of the 20th century.

The Census Challenge

Census documents represent an entirely new challenge. Unlike the Directories which are very easy to read, 19th Century census documents are written records that contain old-fashioned handwriting. Since there were many different census workers collecting/processing the information we are exposed to all sorts of different styling of writing, from legible to indecipherable.

Directory Transcription Process

Today, we started to open the directory graphics we shot the other day and to type the content of the pages into the MHMS system’s Excel spreadsheets. This entry is going to expand on this part of the work cycle (noted as 5, in the entry above).

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